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  • Eric Kampmann

Be Willing To Risk

See Ecclesiastes 11:6

The modern paradigm for living the good life is based on an almost obsessive need to predict outcomes. Now it is a normal preoccupation to know what the future will bring before the future actually arrives. Any business worth its salt will try to minimize risk and will use all kinds of metrics and analysis to do just that. But just to be clear, there is no chance that chance can be eliminated.

Risk is part of living; the future will arrive whether we are brave or fear driven. Hanging onto the present for dear life is to abandon the role that faith plays in living life well.

When Jesus is confronted with a question by a rich young ruler, He does not tell the young man to acquire more things or even to become more virtuous. Instead He tells him to risk everything (Luke 18:18–25) by stepping out of his safe existence. Jesus says leave your good life behind; sell everything because all the wealth in the world will never save you. Leave all that behind and come and follow me. Jesus is saying risk it all in order to gain what you can never gain through money, fame or power.

Jesus is not saying the choice is easy, but He is saying that choosing is necessary. He is asking the rick young ruler to follow Him; He is asking us as well.

—Eric Kampmann, Signposts

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