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  • Eric Kampmann


See Psalm 146:3–4

What do you really believe in? Some will say they do not believe in anything, but even in this case, the statement is a belief in nonbelief. The issue is not so much about the existence of belief as an essential characteristic of all human beings; rather, it comes down to the foundational truth underlying our beliefs. Institutions are full of people who have strong beliefs, but in these instances, the believer’s faith is often deeply singular and unconnected to a greater truth.

Some believe in the saving power of education or intelligence or of the goodness of government programs or their own physical prowess. But biblical wisdom warns us away, not from faith, but faith in something that cannot save. Stop a moment and ask: “What is my deepest belief ?” If I have to choose to stake my life on something, where do I draw the line in the sand?

In the end, we walk on a path marked by our beliefs. If the belief that propels our life forward is unconnected to truth, then how will it lead to a place that in the end will prove to be good for us for those who have known us.

—Eric Kampmann, Signposts

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